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Today I am in the need for strength, so I come before you and ask your guidance for this day. 

Prayer for strength 

Dear God,
strength is something that I think I should have. I should be strong for my wife/husband, for my kids, for the job and everything else in my life as well. 
But sometimes I just don’t feel the strength. Sometimes I struggle with daily life. Sometimes I struggle just to do the next right action. 
Please God today I need your strength. Today I need to know that you are here, guiding me along the way. That you are here showering me with your love and your divine power. Let me surrender all my struggles today and step into your flow.

Prayer Quickie 

“Today grant me your strenght. Let me feel that you are part of my life.” Amen

Our mission

Our mission is to cultivate a prayer culture to serve humanity. We want to help people get started with their prayer life and support those in need of a prayer. Prayer is availalbe to anyone anywhere. We have a non-dinominational appraoch to our connection to God and to prayer. Everyone is welcome.