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Angel & Prayer is a soul project of Lily Sophie. She has started her own prayer life when she was eight years old. Back then she had an alter in her room with special object on them and a childrens prayer book. In the morning and whenerver she needed it she would turn to God, poor her heart out, ask for help or just communicate with God.

Angel & Prayer is a portal about the power of prayer. It is an invitation to pray not only when really necessary but to start to add prayer as a normal part of life. 


Ultimately it is about YOU! It is about you taking responsibility for your own life and your own faith. Or letting go of victimhood and asking for what you really want and need. It is about opening your heart to starting living an authentic and fullfilling life with incooporating God’s will in the equation. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a prayer culture to serve humanity. We want to help people get started with their prayer life and support those in need of a prayer. Prayer is available to anyone anywhere. We have a non-denominational approach to our connection to God and to prayer. Everyone is welcome.